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The A.L. Farris Company, now a service of Fabra-Cleen, has been around since 1918, but it doesn't mean we're stuck in the old days. We continuously educate and train our technicians on the latest technologies, procedures, and products in order to offer the highest quality of care for your carpet, rugs, and upholstery.


Our driving mission is to guarantee your complete satisfaction with any and all our carpet, rug, and upholstery care services. That’s how we’ve maintained a solid reputation with our customers and in the community for all these years.


We never cut corners and always offer fair and honest pricing for our services. We arrive on time, stay on schedule and keep you informed if anything changes along the way. You can expect us to treat your property as if it was our own.

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The focus at the time was on high quality cleaning for the high-end user of fine furnishings and rugs. A.L. Farris dealt mostly with designers and furniture stores, such as B. Altman & Company, that referred their clients to the A. L. Farris Company.

Working at Altman’s was a man named Robert Wallach, a smart and business-minded man with an MBA from Columbia University. His love of fine furnishings brought him to B. Altman & Company early in his career. In 1975, with no heir of the Farris family interested in continuing the business, the family reached out to Wallach who had mentioned many times that he would be interested in running the business as his own while still maintaining the family’s core value of delivering great service at a fair price

A deal was struck and Mr. Wallach ran the A.L. Farris company until 1990 when he realized that his debilitating Parkinson’s Disease would no longer enable him to work. Mr. Wallach reached out to the Sam Kornet, a distant relative that ran Fabra-Cleen, a company that shared the same core values, and the baton was passed again.

Since then, Sam Kornet along with his son Brian, began to operate A. L. Farris Company. Upon his retirement in 1993, Brian took over all responsibilities and with his nephew, Lorne Greenberg, who joined the business after attending the University of Buffalo in 2002. Today Brian and Lorne continue in the tradition of the two-family business, delivering exceptional carpet, fine rug, and upholstery cleaning and protection services at a fair price.